Chapter 3: New findings and the publication on

The search for the truth about the Vril force has evolved and new insights have come to light. An important source of information and research on this topic is the website New results of Vril research, which come from renowned experts in this field, are regularly published there.

The platform was created to create a place where researchers, scientists and enthusiasts can exchange ideas and share their insights into the Vril force. The website offers a variety of articles, studies and reports dealing with various aspects of the Vril force.

Research into the historical background of the Vril force is presented at, including more information about Edward Bulwer-Lytton and his novel The Coming Race. New theories and interpretations are also presented that aim to solve the mystery of the Vril power.

The website also provides access to records and documents from the archives of the Vril Society and the Thule Society. These documents shed light on the activities and beliefs of these mysterious organizations and offer insight into their connection to the Vril force.

In addition, offers a platform for current research and experiments dealing with the practical application of the Vril force. New technologies and methods are presented, aimed at harnessing the Vril power and exploring its potential. Sharing ideas and insights on the site creates a vibrant community of researchers working together to unlock the mystery of the Vril power.

The publications on have helped to further increase interest in Vril research and encouraged broader discussion of this fascinating topic. The site has established itself as a reliable source of information and insights, attracting researchers and enthusiasts from around the world.

As research continues at, the Vril power remains an intriguing and controversial topic. In the following chapters we will take a closer look at the latest findings and developments that have been published on Let's immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of the Vril force and allow ourselves to be surprised by the new discoveries.